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  • Top Metabolism-Boosting Foods

    What is metabolism?

    The entire range of chemical and physical processes that use or convert energy is referred to as metabolism. Digestion of food and nutrients, excretion of waste and functioning of the nerves and brain are most often referred to when talking metabolism. Simply put, metabolism is a process by which food becomes fuel for the body, brain and nervous system. 

    "Speeding up" metabolism will often promote greater nutrient absorption, weight loss, and even gained energy and endurance. 

    There are many foods that promote an efficient metabolism. Below are my top metabolism-boosting foods, in no particular order- they are all powerful!

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    Here we go...


    Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. It's known to reduce nausea and inflammation, and is commonly used to treat motion sickness, upset stomach, muscle soreness, menstrual pain, and upper respiratory infections. Ginger root can drastically reduce symtpoms of a cough, cold or flu. 

    In adding ginger to your diet, you will see an enormous shift in metabolism, weight and energy levels!

    There are so many ways to add ginger to your diet- pour hot water over grated ginger for tea, chop it small and add it to stir-fries and soups, blend it with salad dressings... My favorite way to consume ginger is fresh in smoothies. Here's a simple recipe:

    • one cup water/ coconut water
    • one tablespoon coconut milk
    • one cup berries (fresh or frozen)
    • 2 large knuckles of fresh ginger 
    • *Want it sweeter? Add a handful of pitted dates and a cup of ice for a nice, thick smoothie consistency.

    Blend on high and drink up!

    Green Tea

    Green tea contains a plant compound called EGCG, which promotes fat-burning metabolism.

    Green tea is rich in a group of antioxidants known as catechins, which inhibit the breakdown of fats and the production of an inflammatory substance that triggers hunger. The health benefits of green tea include cancer prevention and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. In many research studies, green tea has been shown to significantly increase metabolism, leading to fat-burn and weight loss.

    Matcha green tea has become very popular lately, you can even find it in coffee shops marketed as "Matcha Tea, weight loss tea". However, no matter how rich in antioxidants a food is, we must give it the opportunity to work it's magic- so avoid mixing these potent health benefits with sugary substances like we see in common coffee shops today. Have it plain, mixed with a little honey or lemon to bring out it's flavor.

    Plain green tea is also delicious when mixed with ginger. Fresh ginger root will bring out the flavor of green tea, and green tea will subtly compliment the spicy ginger. 

    At home, I often drink green tea in the morning. I'll allow the tea bag to steep for 5-10 minutes, then drain the tea bag, and once it's cool I'll use the leftover tea bag to share the rich beautifying potency of the antioxidants with my skin. A gentle rub across my eyelids, forehead and cheekbones, and I feel a vibracy in my skin. Back to my tea- a simplified version; raw honey, a squeeze of fresh lemon.

    Here's a good source of green & matcha tea!


    Chocolate. Yes, chocolate. But real chocolate, in it's raw, natural form; cacao. Cacao is easily grown here in Hawaii, and small crops are becoming more and more popular (lucky for us!)

    Cacao in it's natural form is very rich in antioxidants, some people argue that it's the richest of all foods in antioxidants, leading to a stronger immune-system function and a bright, clear complexion. 

    Studies show that about 60% of American's are deficient in magnesium, but we can replenish that with cacao. Cacao is one the richest sources of magneisum and chromium. Chromium helps to balance blood sugar- good for diabetics and pre-diabetics. All around, cacao can incredibly help to increase metabolic functioning. 

    Avoid chocolate in it's highly processed form. Instead, buy cacao from your local health food store, or order it online by clicking on the icon below. 

    You can add cacao powder to smoothies, baked goods and nearly any homemade treat. Here's a simple chocolate recipe I use all the time!

    • One cup cacao powder
    • 1/3 cup liquified cacao butter (or coconut oil) 
    • 1/3 cup raw honey
    • 1 tsp organic vanilla extract
    • 1/2 tsp sea salt

    Combine all the ingredients and mix by hand until smooth. Then place in silicone molds to shape, and let the chocolates harden in the freezer! 


    In studies, cinnamon was shown to lower blood glucose levels.  While we can't rely on cinnamon as a sole source of treating/ maintaining diabetes, it sure can have a big impact. Cinnamon is also able to balance fat metabolism by improving insulin sensitivity. It is able to increase energy production, therby reducing physical fatigue and increasing endurance levels.

    Cinnamon is most often found in baking and in soups and curries. Add cinnamon to the above mentioned ginger smoothie recipe or chocolate recipe. 

    As always, choose organic everything!

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    Rosey Silverstein

    Health, energy, happiness

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    I will walk you step-by-step in how to most effectively apply these foods to your daily diet, and we'll answer live Q&A!

  • What are YOUR greatest health goals?

    Every single day you can make the choice to be healthy.

    You can engage yourself in a rejuvenating morning routine, choose nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, stay hydrated, make peace in relationships, and not sweat the small stuff. Consistently over time, all of these things progress us towards better health in body, mind and spirit. 

    Yet, where do we start? There is so much conflicting information in the news and media about food and dieting. Now we've gotten to the point that we "shouldn't diet", or so they say. I partially agree. When focused on too intensely, dieting becomes a fad that does not have a real meaning or purpose behind it. Yet, we must be aware of the potential outcome of the choices we make on a daily basis, dieting or not.

    I say, start with what you know and with what feels good to you. Because every body is different. A diet that one person thrives off of may make you feel sluggish, weak and drowsy, or vice-versa. Experiment with what you know is good, get rid of the bad stuff, and most importantly- trust your intuition. After all, it is your gut that really has the most feelings.

    And when you are ready to progress your health to higher levels, join me in launching a new online coaching program for your best health ever! You will gain understanding of food and how it relates to your body, as well as simple tips and recommendations to apply NOW, so you will feel confident in the kitchen and fabulous every single day:) 

    I know I wouldn't trade great health for anything. To me, great health includes body, mind, spirit, relationships and daily happiness. When I started on this journey to understanding the nutritional aspects of food, I knew there was no looking back. Trust me, I've had my fair share of rollercoaster rides in personal health, and I am still learning about health in my body on a daily basis. That said, I personally have energy and endurance needed for a long week, I know how to prevent colds and flu's, and I understand the dynamic relationship between outside stressors and internal health. In doing this work on myself and with clients professionally for the past 7 years, I'm now beyond excited to have the opportunity to expand my reach and help more people annually. I know I can help you feel your best ever, too!

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  • August 2015 Detox & Yoga Retreat

    August 2015 Detox & Yoga Retreat

    Are you ready for the ultimate health getaway?

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    Wake up on a beautiful, secluded property and watch the sun rise over the ocean. Warm tea and a guided meditation practice will start your morning right, flowing into yoga and movement. Nourish your body with a fresh, whole, organic breakfast, and feel your energy steady throughout the day. Work one-on-one with nutritional health expert, Rosey Silverstein, to guide you in the right path to maximizing your health. Leave feeling refreshed, revived, clear, focused, and ready to take your health into your own hands. Leave this retreat with valuable tools that will help to keep you healthy at home and for a lifetime. 

    Just in this last year, America spent about $3.8 trillion on healthcare. Statistics show that one in three people in America are overwieght or obese. One in three people today have a high risk of death from cancer. And more than 60% of the American population is taking more than one prescribed pharmaceutical medications. You don't have to be one of those statistics. 

    Preventing disease is key, and it all starts here and now. We will work on clearing any blockages that are preventing you from gaining or maintaining your best health. And my personal focus is to educate so you can feel confident at the grocery store, in the kitchen, and in your own skin. 

    Detox your body daily for maximum energy, shed excess weight, gain mental clarity, focus, and enthusiasm for living a healthy life.


    • Organic and locally-sourced whole food meals. 
    • Luxury on-site housing.
    • Daily yoga (Kundalini, vinyasa, hatha).
    • Daily guided meditation.
    • Personalized nutritional guidance.
    • Digestive health workshop.
    • Ayurvedic health workshop.
    • Probiotic-making workshop.
    • Access to jaccuzi, waterfall stream, gym equipment. 
    • Rides to & from Hilo Airport (code: ITO).

    All you need to do is:

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    The optimal attendee is excited to explore the wide realms of holistic health, loves yoga, and wants to focus their energy on relaxation, rejuvenation, and empowering themselves with education to live a healthy lifestyle, forever!

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  • Health & Yoga Retreat, Big Island Hawaii

    Health & Yoga Retreat, Big Island Hawaii

    Join Us!

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  • e2df4af7322a02d3-greenjuicecucumberslicestackdeposit.jpg

    Juice cleanses have been increasing in popularity these past few years, and thankfully for good reason- people are seeing results and sharing them with friends. Some common testimonials are weight loss, clear skin and mental sharpness, to name a few.

    Why are "liver cleanses" the norm?

    Our liver works hard to make sure gunk from not-so-great food sources or potential environmental hazards aren't going into our blood stream and other organs. It's important to keep our liver clean so it can work in tip-top shape to do just that. During a cleanse, the liver is activated to purge harmful chemicals from past drug/ pharmaceutical use, and any toxins that may be stored. Bitters, lemon and hydration are all needed to assist in the process. Of course, one drink will not instantaneously flush the liver, but accumulated over time is a necessary preventative measure.

    Now, with more and more juices on the market, and so many types of juice fasts or cleanses, how do you know what’s right for you? Here are some examples of our individually unique needs and preferences.

    • A complete detox or body flush is excellent for generally healthy people, but can be harmful to the immune-compromised.
    • The nutrients in green juice can be as powerful as your drawer of multivitamins, but may also contain many sweeteners to balance the flavor. This can increase blood sugar and will not be helpful in diabetics and prediabetics.
    • Some cleanses may use very little variety, which could cause imbalance in the body or deficiency of certain nutrients.
    • Many juice recipes don’t take into account the arising thyroid issues, which I will write about in more detail soon.

    How is Living Healthy Hawaii juice cleanse different?

    Ingredients used in the Living Healthy Hawaii Juice Cleanse support health in many areas of the body and the recipes are very well balanced for the majority of body types. Also, you are welcome to a one-time complimentary health coaching session to learn how you can maximize the benefits of juice cleansing. And when you sign up as a client of mine, I can help you figure out what type of juice or cleanse will be best for you. Taking into account your age, weight, gender, lifetsyle habits, blood type, health history and health goals, I will guide you through the sometimes rocky and windy path of understanding what it is your body might need in order to accomplish the goals you’re looking to achieve. Find more here.

    Here, I wanted to share a quick recipe that you can make at home any time of the day, in replace of any meal, in whatever quantity you’d like. I like this recipe because it’s low in sugar, void of thyroid-complicating greens, provides a wide range of nutrients and a safe detox for the body (especially the liver).

    Depending on what type of juicer you have (I use the efficient Norwalk), you will get between 2 to 3 cups of juice from this single recipe.

    Green Drink Liver Flush 

    • 2 large cucumbers
    • 4 ribs of celery
    • small handful fresh dandelion greens
    • small handful fresh cilantro
    • big handful fresh parsley
    • one head of lettuce- green, red, butter, romaine…
    • ½ lemon
    • ½ or 1 small apple

    Remember to use organic ingredients to minimize chemical exposure and maximize nutrient content.

    Have you tried this recipe? Let me know what you think!

  • Chara Vacations 2015 Health Retreat

    Chara Vacations 2015 Health Retreat

    May 7th-11th Big Island Hawaii

    Are you looking for a getaway? Do you want to stretch, learn, grow and practice peace and mindfulness? This all-inclusive retreat will help you gain motivation and inspiration to live the life you desire.

    It's time for that perfect vacation to relax, rejuvenate and maximize your health & vitality! Five days of yoga, meditation, delicious organic meals, education, self-realization, personal growth, adventures and fun takes place this May 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    In Greek, Chara (khar-ah) means joy. Ultimate health comes with the presence of undeniable joy and happiness. Through workshops, nutrient-rich foods, meditation and personalized coaching, we will help you find your true source of meaning and purpose so you can live fully, happily, and love with your deepest passions.

    Chara Vacations Health Retreat takes place on a beautiful luxury property 30-minutes north of Hilo airport (ITO).  The property has an ocean and sunrise view, walk to river, outdoor jacuzzi, open space yoga, and is just minutes to an ocean front beach park with waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, waves and sun.

    DETOX with whole foods: organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, nutrient-dense, life-rich.

    REJUVENATE with yoga, fresh green juice, relaxation, jacuzzi, ocean water, warm sunlight, and complimentary acupuncture and/ or massage or reflexology.

    THRIVE with meditation, educational classes, personalized coaching sessions and inspirational discussions.


    Sample day plan:

    • Sunrise meditation
    • 7am tea time
    • 8am yoga
    • 9:30am breakfast
    • 10am-12pm benefits of probiotics & DIY
    • 12:30pm lunch
    • 1:30-4:30pm massages & ayurvedic discussion
    • 5pm afternoon yoga and/or abs class
    • 6:30pm dinner


    Rooms available:

    • Shared room (2 ppl per room, 4 spots available)
    • Private room (1 available)
    • Master room, cal-king bed (1 available)
    • Master room, cal-king bed & private bath


    Included in cost is:

    • to & from airport rides (Hilo: ITO)
    • all meals: vegetarian, gluten-free, organic & nutrient-dense
    • one massage and/or acupuncture treatment
    • daily yoga & meditation
    • workout classes & educational classes
    • personalized nutrition & fitness coaching
    • beautiful ocean-view rooms on a luxurious spacious property
    • gifts & memories to take home the experience


    Book NOW to reserve your space!

    Rosey 1+(808) 937-4554


  • 7 Tips for Beautiful Skin

    7 Tips for Beautiful Skin

    We all want healthy, beautifully smooth skin, and it's not all for good looks. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, so the health of your skin can actually be a good cue to the health of your entire body. 

    What we eat affects how our skin looks and feels as much, if not more than, how bath and body products do. 

    Woking as a health coach and meeting with clients, I immediately notice the correlation between a healthy inside (diet, exercise, thought patterns, etc) and a healthy outside (our skin, eyes, nails, etc). In rare circumstances have I talked to someone who felt in total health on the inside but did not look it on the outside, and vice versa. 

    Here are 7 tips to help you feel and look healthier!

    1. Hydrate

    We must remember the importance of hydration, all the time, every single day. Our bodies are made up of about 60-70% water, if we go too long without water our cells will easily become damaged and our skin dehydrated. I suggest drinking at least 16oz of water (or warm lemon water) upon waking, and at least half of your body weight in ounces throughout every day.

    2. Take it easy

    Stress can cause all sorts of problems in the body, and it can immediately show up on your skin. Unneccesary stress can cause a raise in cortisol, causing our skin to flare up. Instead, make some time for relaxation during a busy work week, and make it a point to spend time in nature. 

    3. Sweat it out

    Skin serves as one of the main detoxification pathways in the body. Saunas and steam rooms can really open up your pores to help release waste, leaving your body feeling cleaner and your skin feeling softer and looking healthier.

    4. Get cultured 

    Our gut health is directly related to our skin health. One of the best ways to clear up unruly skin problems is to focus directly on your gut, and more specifically, maintaining healthy gut bacteria. These bacteria, or probiotics, are found in fermented foods like sauerkraut and kim chi, kombucha and naturally fermented pickles, among others.

    5. Avoid chemicals

    Conventional bath and body products are loaded with chemicals, and some studies suggest that about 60% of chemicals put on the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. This is dangerous, and in the long run these skin care products will actually do more damage than repair. To avoid harmful chemicals, choose organic or all natural skin care products. 

    6. Use coconut oil

    Coconut oil is like a miracle cream for your skin. It is rich in antioxidants to promote a natural "glow", it's an antiseptic to kill any harmful bacteria on your skin, and it provides deep nourishing hydration. I rub a light layer of coconut oil on my face before bedtime, and when I wake up my skin feels soft and hydrated. Also, consuming coconut oil in your daily meals will help to provide healthy nutrient absorption and further hydration. 

    7. Soap up once a day

    Overnight, oils will surface to the skin providing natural hydration. Want a healthy glow? Avoid washing your face with soap every morning. Instead, rinse your face with cool water in the moring. Cool water will help to lock in those healthy oils and stimulate blood circulation. You can use a facewash when needed, beacuse too much soap can really dry out your skin.

    There are many more healthy skin care tips, I believe the ones I chose here are simple yet greatly effective. Let me know what you think! 

  • Juices & Smoothies... What's Right for You?

    Juices & Smoothies... What's Right for You?

    I've been juicing and creating smoothies from home for as long as I can remember, and I'm happy to say it's still part of my standard diet as an adult. I've been nutrition coaching for the past 6 years and offering juice cleanse packages for nearly a year. What I've been noticing is that there's a lot of confusion between juices and smoothies, so I'll be addressing some key points in fuller detail here.

    Juices and smoothies... What's the diff?

    In smoothies, a whole food (fruit and/or vegetable), some liquid (water, juice, milk) and other ingredients (superfoods, nuts, protein powders) are put in a blender (such as a VitaMix) and blended together. The VitaMix blender is generally made for smoothies, but can also be used to process homemade soups, nut butters, sauces, spreads, ice cream. You can also use the VitaMix to make juice, but in a different way- as more of a food processor or mixer. For example, I’ll blend together a cup of fresh sugarcane juice, a knuckle of turmeric and a handful of parsley, then I’ll put it through a fine mesh strainer to get all the fiber out. Key point being: the difference between your drink being a juice or smoothie is 1) The consistency. 2) The fiber content. If the fiber is blended small enough to go through the strainer and there isn’t too much of it to affect the consistency, then I would consider it a juice.

    Juice, on the other hand, has very little if any fiber content. Ingredients are put through a machine that grinds the food and squeezes out the juice. The pulp will stay separate. I use the Norwalk juicer; a heavy-duty juicer that can make juices, nut milks, pastes and nut butters.

    What's healthier for me?

    In smoothies, you’re getting the whole food (usually) with all the fiber still intact and nutrients from the skin (or fibrous part) still available. Fiber is very cleansing and can help to lower blood sugar. It will also help to satiate your appetite and is necessary to maintain a normal healthy day-to-day diet.

    Juices are much less satiating because they don’t contain the fiber. However, the fiber can tend to slow down absorption of nutrients. So, without the presence of fiber, you’re getting a nutrient-rich drink sent straight to your blood stream and put to use. This will also provide an instant boost of energy, whereas the smoothie may be slower coming energy. With juices, the nutrients will flood your body instantly and leave you feeling healthy and strong. Because of the absence of fiber, minimal energy is required for digestion. In this way, the body can use energy in other ways like ridding toxins, more efficiently go about tasks, meximize mental focus, attention span, etc.

    The quality of each ingredient matters most. You do not want to put sugary substances or any harmful ingredient in your juice or smoothie for weight loss or long-lasting energy, but you will want to put in lots of greens for beautiful skin, disease prevention and more. In comparing juices and smoothies, here are a few simple things to take home:

    • If you’re looking for an easy quick way to get nutrients into the body, green smoothies are the way to go.
    • If you want to lose weight and flush harmful toxins out of the body, start drinking that green juice and only green juice for a few days.
    • If you want to do both of the above and not risk losing weight, juice greens, lots of root vegetables, and drink protein-rich smoothies.

    Questions, comments or concerns? I'd love to hear from you! Or sign up for a free initial health consultation! I'm currently looking for 6 enthusiastic and motivated clients who want to make a positive difference in their life and in the world! 

    Want to sign up for the next juice cleanse? Claim your spot (max 18 people) at least two days prior to your starting day. Next session: Friday February 6th through Thursday February 12th.

  • Vog Buster Recipe

    Vog Buster Recipe

    Here in Hilo the tradewinds have been still. The air is stagnant and the vog has been concentrated. Many people, including myself, have been feeling the effects of this. Itchy throat, dry skin and tiredness are just a few of the symptoms.

    Common effects of vog:

        • Runny/ stuffy nose
        • Cough and congestion
        • Itchy throat
        • Difficulty breathing
        • Redness, swelling or puffiness around the eyes
        • Fatigues, tiredness

    None of these symptoms are fun to deal with. Taking preventative measures will help. Notice that these techniques listed will contribute to helping many different ailments. So, even if you don't notice the vog bugging your system, you might feel even better while following these techniques.

    Vog-busting remedies:

      • Drinking 8 or more cups of warm water daily.
      • Drinking Vog Buster Tea from Healing Dragon (available at most health food stores).
      • Hanging wet or damp towels by your bedside, in front of a fan or around the house (moisture will help to absorb particles in the air).
      • Add in to the die detoxifying blue-green algae, spirulina, bitter greens, ginger, chia seeds, spices. 
      • A wellness shot (pictured) made of turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic and noni juice. Blend all and strain. Dilute with fresh squeezed orange juice or warm water and raw honey for a more tolerable taste. This wellness shot is currently available at Sweet Cane Cafe.