• Sarah, 24

    "My name is Sarah, I have just completed 6 weeks of health consult with Rosey Silverstien at Living Healthy Hawaii. At the start of our 6 weeks together I was experiencing multiple health problem including a 1 & 1/2 inch cyst in my right breast, symptoms of hormonal imbalance, problems sleeping, headaches, digestive discomforts, anxiety and dizziness. I was addicted to coffee and sugar. I was also struggling with 30+ extra pounds left over from having my daughter 3 years ago. During the process Rosey was very understanding and helpful. She first analyzed my diet and my blood type. She helped me understand how my body was reacting to certain foods I was eating, and helped me eliminate those that were limiting my recovery. We talked about hydration, supplementation, exercise and nutrient dense foods. Every week she helped me set goals and then revisited my previous weeks goals. She kept in good contact, especially during the more challenging times like when I did three days intensive with no coffee, sugar, carbohydrates or dairy. Every week I felt better, Every week my scale went down! This is the first time in a 5 year battle with my weight that I lost weight while still eating full meals. Rosey was so encouraging and easy to talk to, she never made me feel like I was wrong for how I was eating or my lifestyle before. Even the embarrassing things were easy to discuss. In the first week or two, my cyst had dissolved, I was less dizzy, fewer headaches and my anxiety had decreased. In 3 weeks all of my digestive pains were gone. I was sleeping through the night, something I have been battling for about a year. My hydration is at a much healthier level and my diet is much easier to maintain. Rosey helped me to train my self to eat differently. I had to rethink my balance of meals and intake of carbohydrates and sugars. After 6 weeks pretty much ALL of my symptoms are dissolved. I have lost 16 lbs and I feel great! I no longer drink coffee every morning, something I have done for almost 10 years now. I include no added sugars in my diet. I feel like I have made a major improvement in my health and life style. I'm feeling very inspired and proud of my progress and hope to carry what i have learned with me for a lifetime. I used to think I knew a lot about health and how to be healthy because I ate organic and exercised, its clear that that wasn't the case as my body was reacting otherwise. I am so grateful for my experience and guidance by Rosey. I would highly recommend her to anyone with even the slightest of health struggles. I cant thank her enough for helping me to get on the right track and encouraging me to continue after our sessions were finished. I haven't felt so inspired and motivated in years! Thanks Rosey!" -Sarah Hill
  • Kahea, 42

    "I thought most of the foods I was eating was good for me!!! Little did I know I was wrong. Working with Rosey was great. She informed me of why I shouldn't eat a lot of the foods I thought was healthy. My migraines were less severe and went away within like a week. I lost almost 20 pounds (still going!) And best of all, I feel good. My husband said he wouldn't like new "healthy" foods, but he's changed his mind with the recipe's Rosey's given me. Mahalo Rosey!"
  • Julie, 31

    "I recently had the pleasure of working with Rosey to coach me along to better my health. I am 31 years old and have been dealing with a few different health concerns since I was younger. I currently work part time as a care giver for an elderly lady. I came to Rosey seeking help so I can live my life more fully. In the beginning I was a skeptical if Rosey could help me. My chronic health concerns put me in a often disabled state. I had also been working on myself for a very long time and have done a great amount of research on how to better my own health. I already was eating very healthy. I suppose I was afraid that Rosey wasn't going to be able to tell anything I didn't already know. When I began seeing Rosey I was at a point where I felt like I did everything there was to do. As I began to work with Rosey, I learned that there is little changes that can make a big difference. Most of the pointers Rosey gave me, where new insight to me. After a few weeks of working with Rosey and beginning to implement the small changes, I truly felt a change in my overall wellbeing. All the moments in my day when I was not experiencing pain, I felt a huge increase in energy. My mood improved and I was getting more things done. I felt like talking to more strangers and smiling. I was feeling a lot more happy. When the moments came on where I was in pain, I mentally was able to handle it better. Healing is a work in progress. However, after working with Rosey I am feeling very hopeful about where these steps are taking me in my future. I already am feeling a great deal better. Rosey was great to work with. She is always available to answer any questions. She likes to work on more than just the physical level of treatment. She considers mind and spirit as well, which I truly appreciate. Thank you Rosey for sharing your knowledge and helping me change the course of my life!" -Julie-Mae Stitz
  • Hannah, 25

    "Over the past years as a yoga instructor, I have slowly begun to see how my body is truly effected by what I eat and drink. I decided to contact Rosey because I have been suffering from migraines since I was in middle school and I felt like my whole immune system was shot. Through the six-week program I can successfully say I have not had a migraine in six weeks! This of course is still the biggest success for my health. So far, I have been following a vegan/vegetarian life-style and my body is loving me for it. I have never felt so alive! With the help of Rosey's coaching, I now understand the importance of hydration and eating to nourish my body, mind, and spirit. I have to admit, the hardest part of my six-week program was how skeptical I was about seeking out a health coach. I had always thought it was just about losing weight. What I have learned is a health coach, like Rosey, does not just inspire you to live a flourishing life, but empowers you to love yourself and love the healthy choices you can make. Through the six-week program I lost a total of 10 pounds. This was not a goal of mine...but I feel more energized and more awake. My body is less achy and when I wake up in the morning I am no longer groggy. My favorite part about this program is the way in which Rosey made me feel at ease. She offers so many different educational ways of learning about healthy choices, that I never felt like I was being cut short or fast tracked along the way. There is no doubt in my mind that Rosey is an amazing health coach, and she be sought out by anyone who wants to make a health change big or small." -Hannah Lipman Occupation: Shelter Worker: Child and Family Services, Full Time Student, and Yoga Instructor.
  • Chael, 21

    "I feel so blessed to have worked with Rosey! The main reason I asked for advice was because I was falling behind in school, at work and (I felt) in life. I knew that I wasn't eating healthy, but I didn't want to because I didn't have a lot of money to spend on healthy foods, or the time to make it! Rosey showed me how quick, easy and WORTH IT it is to fully commit to healthy eating. I feel more energized, more awake in class, easier time concentrating. I just feel better and I can't recommend enough to enroll in her program no matter what you're dealing with or what your excuses are. "
  • Dave, 47

    "Rosey is very precise and knowledgeable about all dietary needs. I lowered my bad cholesterol 65 points in one month with her help and lost 8 lbs."
  • Kelly, 31

    "What an incredible consultation! Rosey is highly knowledgeable. I came to her with a million and one questions. She answered them all and more. I was diagnosed with PTSD last year, suffering from problems with insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress. She helped me find natural alternatives for all of these conditions. I feel fortunate to have found someone to listen, and to guide me in a positive holistic approach to mental health. After my consultation, I feel highly motivated to continue my healing journey in a healthy manner. With the information learned, I feel confident in applying the knowledge in my day to day routines."
  • Gonni, 25

    "Super knowledgeable! As someone who has "tried everything" I learned some new things from the consultation that surprised me. She answered all my questions well and left me with good advice for how to move forward and improve my health. Highly recommended."
  • Angie, 32

    "I'm so lucky I found Rosey! I was trying my best to get healthier but I was hesitant to ask for help. I learned a lot from my first session and knew I had to enroll for six weeks. By four weeks my doctor said it's okay to lower doses of a medication I'd been taking for years!! I lost a little weight and the best part of all is that I feel like I have learned so much. Much appreciated. Aloha nui." -Angie Marie, Certified Nursing Assistant