J.C. Side Effects & Recommendations

Common Side Effects of Juice Cleansing

Keep in mind that these are common. Individuals may differ greatly in the time, duration and severity of these symptoms. Some feel no negative side effects at all, some struggle entirely each day, and others breeze through the cleanse feeling happy and energized. Stay positive and know that you’re doing a great thing for your body and your health. Every body is unique, so pay close attention to reactions from your drinks and each intake of food after the cleanse. Rest when you need to rest.

Day 1: Slight hunger, afternoon fatigue, brain fog, feeling of spaciness, easily irritable, deep sleep.

Day 2: Achy joints, headache, feeling of exhaustion, skin breakouts, thick tongue coating. Hunger usually dissipates in the afternoon.

Day 3: Slight hunger and/or fatigue, exhaustion and emotional breakdown/ release. The evening brings mental clarity, alertness, lightness, well-being.

Day 4: Energized, light, refreshing feelings run through your body. Skin is clear and vibrant. Any aches or pains prior to starting the cleanse are usually minimized.

Day 5: Senses are turned on- sight, smell and touch sensations are all exaggerated in the body. Great sleep and lots of nutrition keeps you energized yet calm, relaxed and at peace.


Other/ Teas

Drink lots of fresh water, warm water and lemon water. Teas are optional. Omit or minimize sweetener (raw organic honey being the best choice).

  • Ginger tea will help ease nausea and cramping, assist digestion, blood circulation and boost the immune system.
  • Dandelion tea will help detox the liver, kidneys and flush the lymphatic system.
  • Chamomile will calm and relax the body, while working to heal the digestive tract and relieve minor irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.
  • Pau d’Arco has antibiotic and virus-killing properties. Increases blood circulation, promotes healthy skin, and increases the body’s healthy immune response.
  • Skullcap, valerian and lavender teas will promote a restful night of sleep.
  • Echinacea tea will enhance the body’s immune response and adaptogenic properties. Echinacea tea is antibacterial and anti-inflamatory.
  • Coffee Drinkers: switch to green tea or yerba mate and drink this only in the morning hours. Both are rich in antioxidants and supply the body with alkalizing properties.