J.C. FAQ's & Testimonials

 Frequently Asked Questions

What can I look forward to? Avid juice cleansers report more energy, weight control, vibrant skin, mental clarity, amplified senses, better eating habits, and a heightened level of consciousness and awareness. 

How do the drinks taste? Most people really enjoy the taste and variety in each drink. Be aware that sweets are minimized with the exception of carrots. 

Can I eat anything? Most people choose to only consume liquids during the cleanse. Others will add all of these drinks into their health daily diet for an extra boost of nutrients. 

Can I exercise? Your daily routine is recommended, but don’t overexert yourself. 

Can I drink coffee? Switch to unsweetened organic green tea or yerba mate. Drink this in the morning no later than 6 hours before bed. 

Are the drinks gluten-free, raw and vegan? Yes, yes and yes! 

When can I start? The schedule will be posted online as monthly dates become available.

  • Caleb, 46

    Rosey's juice cleanse was recommended to me by my massage therapist, who partakes monthly of the 3-day cleanse. In the past, our massage therapist, my wife, and I completed the Purium- 10-day cleanse that is growing in popularity. We both lost weight on that cleanse, but the 10 days regimen was difficult to complete (for us). When we heard of the 3-day cleanse, we were very interested. To be completely honest, we did not enjoy the taste of most of the juices in Rosey's arsenal, but that is to be expected when you puree stuff like kale, chard, cucumbers, beets, and the like. I was shocked, however, by how good she managed to get the noni shot to taste. My experience summary: I lost 5 lbs. in 3 days. I never lacked energy and didn't really experience any of the side-effects listed on the info-sheet Rosey gave us. Another thing that was good was that I didn't experience any hunger during the cleanse other than normal hunger when it was time to drink the next juice. Be sure to follow Rosey's instructions for easing back into a normal diet. I did follow it for breakfast but for lunch I had 1/2 piece of pizza and a salad. The salad was fine, but the pizza gave me a mild stomach ache (as Rosey said it might). I would have done better if I'd had something easier to digest, like fruit or a smoothie. Thank you, Rosey, for your expertise, research, and hard work in putting together the variety of juices and the ingredients/instructions about each one. I recommend that everyone complete at least one cleanse to let your liver know you care about it, and to give it a rest from purifying your body from the myriad of toxins we encounter on a daily basis from processed food, pesticides, chemicals, etc. etc. My biggest take-away, other than the 5 lbs. lost, is a renewed desire to keep garbage out of my body, limit the processed/fast-foods I consume, and eat more salads, veggies, chia, hemp seeds, etc. I'm an avid social drinker (only weekends), and I'm seriously considering cutting back on the alcohol significantly. Caleb Mohrmann Registered Nurse
  • Donna, 66

    My first juice cleanse experience was great. Delicious combination of juices through the day. I could have gone more days but that drive to Hilo everyday was my only draw back. Rosey was very helpful and encouraging and I plan to do another one soon. I wish she was near Pahoa. Donna Johnson
  • Natasha, 28

    I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse but it takes a lot of work and time. A friend told me about the juice cleanse that Rosey offers and I couldn't wait to try it!!! I accomplished the 3 day juicing and I absolutely loved it. When my third day came I wanted to prolong it but I decided to wait to do the 5 day cleanse next time around (that's how much I enjoyed it) By juicing it made such an amazing difference in my life. I feel so much more healthy, as if I flushed all the old junk out. I no longer want to eat junk foods nor do I crave it. I also got off of coffee, It was like my body relied on it. That one cup took me through my whole day but now I can have a cup of green tea in the morning and feel so energized. I would absolutely recommend anyone and everyone to try this juice cleanse. It does wonders to your body and is so beneficial in every way. It is so convenient and it tastes really good. Take it from me if I can do it anyone can!!! Natasha Varize, 28 Member Service Representative
  • Sara, 40

    "The biggest change I've experienced as a result of the Juice Cleanse is that it jump started me on a path to wellness. I had been neglecting my diet and fitness, and the cleanse helped me focus on incorporating healthy habits back into my life. My skin was clear by the 3rd day. I slept better, I had more energy. My stomach was flatter, the bags under my eyes less puffy, and my fingers less puffy. I was less scattered and able to focus better. Of course, losing 7 pounds was great too as I am about 30 pounds overweight. The best part of the Juice Cleanse was knowing I was taking care of myself, and my body. I was doing something wonderful just for me in a very healthy way." Sara Melendez Crisis Therapist
  • Kirk

    I would highly recommend this juice cleanse to anyone who wishes to clear up some lingering health issues or who wants to get to the next level with their sports conditioning. I immediately found that was clearer minded and free of night time sleep issues. Malama pono, Kirk
  • Lisa, 48

    “I sought out Rosey to assist in creating momentum and ease in my life when starting to incorporate regular juicing into my life. Her program allowed me to ‘jump start’ a juicing lifestyle towards increasing my immunity and cleanse not only my body but my mind and spirit also. Ongoing participation assists in keeping me in-line and re-boots my commitment to health and wellness with food as medicine along with giving me the support I need when things get challenging and I have indulged in some not so healthy choices (holidays anyone?) ;-) I LOVE the variety of the juices which staves off boredom and adds to the knowing that I am getting everything I need for a healthy and thorough cleanse.” ~Lisa Tennant, Occupational Therapist, Cancer Thriver
  • Adolfo, 31

    "I remember buying a juicer off one of those infomercials on t.v. back when my conscience for staying healthy first started to pinch me. I could not stay on a steady cleanse for more than 2 days, and what's worse, every juice I made tasted exactly the same: like grass sprinkled with more grass. But what Rosey has done with these juices is borderline miraculous! The recipes she uses for each juice make it seem as if she's created some secret potion to make you see, think & feel the lives we live in a totally different dimension. I'm more calm and relaxed about things that used to bug me. The juices have seemed to alleviate anxieties I used to feel in only 5 days of being on the cleanse. I react differently thinking about different foods I used to crave. My positivity is more abundant than what it was before, making life seem as enjoyable as the juices containing Vanilla; which were by far my favorite. I highly recommend this cleanse for those who need a good scratch on the back when life gets itchy and you just can't seem to reach it. Whether it be the emotional positivity one needs to jump start a weight loss program, a good nutritious scrub to have a healthier digestive system, or you just want to have more pep in your step, this cleanse will surely wake you up! Rosey will lend you that helping hand every morning of this 5 day cleanse, and I am deeply appreciative of her interest in the health & comfort of her clients. I could not be more thankful."
  • Kelley, 51

    "Juice Cleanse is amazing! Mahalo nui, Rosey for making this a positive experience for a newbie like me. I loved the convenience of having the juices prepared for the entire days I’m on the cleanse. I appreciated the freshness and taste of each juice. I was apprehensive about doing a cleanse but with your direction and guidance I was prepared and knew what to expect. I now feel healthy, calm and relaxed. Looking forward to the next cleanse!" -Kelley Heaukulani
  • Rena, 49

    "Juice cleanse with Rosey has been an experience of my life. I was introduced to Sweet Cane Café nearly three years ago, got to know owner Jackie personally, she is that special lady that helped me change my eating habits; fast foods and drive-ins are completely out today! Thank YOU, Jackie! Then before you know it, her one daughter and then all of her daughters were part of my transition to eating healthy. Thank you, ladies. One casual day, Rosey introduced this Cleanse which at the time sounded like something that I really wanted to do, though I couldn’t imagine, and truly believed success was impossible. I scheduled a one on one consultation with Rosey a week before my scheduled Cleanse, I then told her of my situation, and in return positive coaching aroused. My experience with juice cleansing was amazing, and excitingly unexplainable. 5 day Cleanse was scheduled, I picked up my six drinks early morning…Rosey was waiting patiently, smiling and excited to hear my daily experience, *Noni Shots* and a drink of fresh water, were offered daily. The first day or two were the most strenuous, by the 5th day I asked Rosey for a two day extension, once I got past that change, I was not ready to stop... My family, friends and colleagues remain amazed at the difference they see in my attitude, skin, personality and my overall demeanor. My days are longer, creativity lives, filled with purity and my quality of life is incredible. Sweet Cane Café is a healthy eatery, filled with hard working ladies, designed to make a difference in the lives of the people in our Communities. Family is forever, ladies. Sincerely grateful for the change." Fredrene Rena Caminos
  • Liana

    "Like most people, I was apprehensive about the cleanse. I knew it would be GREAT for my body but I was afraid I would be STARVING through the three days. Seriously, how can juices sustain me through 72 hours of living? Working. Exercising. Socializing. Living a family life. Suffice to say I found the juices not only satisfying and filling, but sustaining my physical needs, creating energy through daily stresses of work, and providing me more time, not having to worry about my "next meal" and not having to clean up a bunch of dishes for regular meals. I enjoyed the varieties of juices everyday, that boost of a shot of noni in the morning and I super enjoyed the probiotic shot provided on the last day. I have encouraged a couple of good friends to give it a try. I firmly believe a cleanse is necessary for our digestive systems. Much like meditation is good to clear the mind and exercise is good to strengthen your body, a juice cleanse helps give our digestive system a chance to CLEAN OUT, it gives our body the time needed to get rid of toxins, and it helps us to prove to ourselves that our lives do not revolve around food. We should eat to live, rather than live to eat." -Liana
  • Kainani

    "The best results for me after just three days of juicing was that I had lost my craving for coffee, dairy, and evil sugar in the form of a daily hazelnut frappe. During the cleanse, I was not hungry and didn't have any difficulty in my consumption of all the various juices. I only wish I could have more because of the flavor, not because I needed it. I loved not having sugar crashes, fatigue, food making chores, and being bloated/gassy. I loved the convenience of just stopping by to pick up my daily nutrition and have close access to all I needed every 2 hours. Since then, I have eaten well and less, drank much more water, and still don't crave sugar, although I have had some goodies for special occasions. I look forward to another juice cleanse soon." Aloha, Kainani
  • Molly, 28

    "Cleanses are a regular part of my regime throughout the year, but I had never done a 3-day juice cleanse. I didn't want to buy something packaged, nor go through the tremendous amount of work it takes to prepare a carefully planned day of juices. I went into this cleanse will excitement, and came out incredibly revived and satisfied. Rosey has mastered the art of juicing. I could not imagine a more nutritionally thorough and delicious set of juices. From first meeting Rosey and talking with her thereafter, I knew that the juices were prepared with love, and came from the best local sources. My body instantly recognized this mana, and I felt satiated throughout the cleanse. My body needed a break from eating, and I was nourished in this process. I had been working through some heavy emotions, and the cleanse was just what I needed. I feel clean, happy, and refreshed. Rosey is so kind and easy to work with, and I will be recommending this program to all my friends and community. I recommend giving yourself lots of down time, so that you have the space to rest and go where this transformation takes you! Mahalo" Molly Irene McLaughlin Certified Yoga Instructor (www.yogacentered.com) Professional Photographer (www.greenflashphotographyhawaii.com
  • Scott, 29

    "Wow!!! Huge Mahalo's to Rosie & Everyone @ Sweet Cane Café! I am truly grateful for having done their 5 day juice cleanse!!! This is the first time I have actually committed to 5 days in a row of just juice & I now realize what it means to truly feed the body. I am so thankful for the five days of fresh, healthful & healing juice-food they provided me during the last juice cleanse they hosted. It is so amazing to receive all the necessary vitamins & vital sustenance one needs by drinking these prepared juices all day long. I felt so much strength in my body, my mind was clear, & I felt so happy for how good it made me feel. I also enjoyed the freedom it seemed to give me to be productive & creative throughout the day without needing to think about where or how I should eat; I had so much energy. How great it is to collaborate & commit to a meditation such as a juice cleanse at the same time as other members of the community!! I loved showing up in the morning, & seeing others noticeably becoming happier & healthier each day over the 5 day course. We all fill our body's with so many unnecessary things, in hopes of getting the fulfilling vitamins that are so abundant in these juices. I told the woman whom is teaching me massage that I was doing the cleanse, as she is very wise & health conscious, & she explained to me that there are over 30,000 people in the world who are strong & sustaining by just drinking liquids, & don't even feel the need to eat-Wow!!! Anyway I would recommend this juice cleanse to anybody & everybody, & look forward to the next opportunity I have to take advantage of this truly wonderful service provided by Sweet Cane Café!! Mahaloha Mahalissimo Mahalo & Cheers!!! " Scott Canepa Student/Teacher/Yoga Instructor/Massage/Healing Alchem
  • Joan

    "I was intuitively drawn to do this program and am glad that I did. I was surprised at a) how delicious and varied the different drinks were, b) the lack of hunger that I felt, and c) the strength I had even through two heavy work-outs. This was the first juicing cleanse that I did and would do it again. It was a luxury to have all the drinks ready, chilled and labeled by Rosey - like having a private chef. I feel lighter, cleaner, more upbeat, and energized. A 5-day program that I would recommend." Joan Schafer
  • Le'a, 27

    "A lot of my friends are into juice cleansing so it was something I'd heard a lot about, but I wasn't sure if it was for me. I tried it partially out of curiosity and also to kick-start better overall health. Before the fast I was a generally healthy person but I ate a lot of processed sugar and had cravings for it as well as unexplained stomachaches. I was pleasantly surprised by the way Rosey structured the cleanse. Since the juices differ throughout the day I didn't get tired of them, and I really liked how the two mid-day juices were on the lighter side (lemonade and coconut water variations). The last juice of the day is a macadamia nut milk and that was delicious, helped settle my cravings, and helped me sleep. I will not say that every moment of the cleanse was easy, but the way it was set up (picking up the juices in the morning and having them labeled) and the way the drinks were planned out (different types of juices throughout the day) made it much easier than if I had tried to fast on my own. During the fast I imagined all the sugary things I would eat after I finished up until about day 2, but I found that decreasing over time and since the fast has ended my sugar cravings are mostly gone. I now try to incorporate juice into my daily diet and think more about what I put into my body. I was also surprised to find that just drinking juice gave me more energy that I get from taking expensive multivitamins every day. Every morning when I picked up the juice Rosey asked "how are you feeling?" It was nice to have the option of support from someone. I would recommend this fast to any first-time fasters who need a little extra support or even experienced people who want to try the unique blend of juices Rosey has created. I am very glad I chose to do it." Le'a Gleason, Freelance Journalist, www.lgfreelance.com
  • Iris, 27

    "The juice cleanse by Rosie was amazing! She really knows what she is doing and uses all the right ingredients and harmonizing blends. I had never done a juice cleanse or any type of cleanse before I gave her a try, and I am very happy I did it! First of all, the "pick up" of juices in the morning made the experience much more easier and less stressful because I didn't have to waste time making them on my free time and have to buy the ingredients and think of all the benefits and blends. The juices were all very filling, yummy tasting, and energizing. Fortunately, I did not experience intense side effects or toxic withdrawals, but after the cleanse I felt very clean, lightweight, and aware of the foods I ate. I found out that I have a sensitivity to gluten and so I limit my intake and really pay attention to what I feed my body. I would definitely do the cleanse again and I recommend everyone to try it!" Iris Alisha Huddy, Esthetician and Owner of Mermade Spa, www.mermadespa.com
  • Camille, 28

    "I found my juice cleanse experience valuable on a physical, mental, and emotional level. My biggest challenge was being a part of social scenes/events without consuming the food being offered to me. I suggest friends take the opportunity to participate in the Juice Cleanse. It is not easy by any means, but Rosey makes it easier by creating an easy-to-follow schedule with pre-made juices that are absolutely DELICIOUS and made with local, organic ingredients. I appreciated Rosey's flexibility and willingness to work with my schedule. (I asked for two days of juices in advance because I had to travel to Ka'u the following day and would not be able to pick up my juices in the morning). THANK YOU, Rosey!" Camille Bourcier, Staff Supervisor at Pacific Quest
  • Warren, 49

    "I really enjoyed doing the 5 day juice cleanse. First of all, I appreciated the convenience of having all of the juices prepared each day. Having everything prepared in numbered bottles really worked well for my busy schedule. During the cleanse, I had a tremendous amount of energy, and I did not experience any food cravings, or excessive hunger. I really liked the 'light' feeling that I had, and I was inspired to plan a healthier lifestyle path for after the cleanse. I did not weigh myself before or after the cleanse, but my clothes were definitely looser, (and still are:) I definitely recommend this 5 day juice cleanse to anyone that is looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle!" Warren Costa, Owner; Native Guide Hawaii www.nativeguidehawaii.com nativeguidehawaii@gmail.com
  • Jenn, 39

    "I'm a cleansing newbie and I loved this experience. The juices were delicious and so very convenient with all drinks chilled and prepped for me each day. That was huge. I experienced strong mental clarity and was able to restart some positive routines in my daily life, like a daily movement practice, nourishing my body every 3 hours, going to bed earlier, AND stripping red meat from my diet. I highly reccomend this experience and plan to participate again. Great way to pause and reset. Thank you for the hand holding Rosey!" Jenn Eng, Dancer / Designer www.alohafriday.be
  • Sarah

    "I was a little concerned that a juice fast would be too sweet, but they were very well balanced. I tend to be a cold person and raw food doesn't digest well, but the juices were also balanced with ginger and warming so my gut didn't get icy after drinking them as it does with some foods. Both my 16 year old son and I took part of the 5 day juice fast. We both had a lot more energy and were very productive by the last day. We felt fine the first 2 days but experienced most of the detox symptoms on the 3rd and 4th days. Both of us usually have swollen glands, but we noticed by the fourth day that it was totally gone. I have an achy body and chronic sore throat due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but when I went to make my sore throat tea, I realized I didn't need to and that my body didn't hurt. I felt very nourished and had stable blood sugar throughout the fast. Due to a few extra drinks, my son didn't lose any weight and I lost 5 pounds, so we were both happy about that. We will definitely do this again, thanks Rosey!" Sarah Ko
  • Nico

    "Thank you Rosey and Healthy Living Hawai’i for opening my eyes to the benefits of doing a structured 5-day juice cleanse. You provided me with everything I needed to make the transition an easy one for me, both going in to the cleanse and also coming out of it. I eat clean and am very active, so it came as a surprise to me that the first two days were as challenging as they were. But it got easier, and by day three, I started to have more energy and wasn’t hungry. Health really is wealth and your liquid elixirs were filled with priceless nutrients, genuine goodness and positive intentions - absolutely worth every penny! I hope to do this again in the near future. Thanks for your effort and for making this possible for so many of us. I feel amazing. You are a treasure and I’m so grateful you are here to help us along on our journey of wellness and vitality!" Nico Verissimo
  • John

    "First of all, I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with putting together the program and being so diligent in preparing the juices, I don’t think the experience would have been as enjoyable otherwise (you’re amazing). I’ll start my testimonial by stating that things just came together for me at the right time, that I feel like I’m at the right place at the right time and that my investigation in and my intrigue with exceptional nutrition is one of my focus priorities. The Juice Cleanse was one step forward for me on my journey to exceptional nutrition. I didn’t do the cleanse as a trendy thing or as some whimsical nonsensical gesture. I genuinely did the cleanse because I’m fascinated with proper nutrition and the exponential results that come from it. My metabolism is relatively high, so needless to say, I was very hungry throughout the cleanse. Having stated that, I also felt that the persistent feeling of hunger was a part of a proper fast (which allows one to gain a clearer perspective viz-a-viz some form of ascetic convention). As I mentioned before, there was a clear transformation that took place, something akin to an epiphany, almost on some soulful level. To be clear, something changed in me. Now, as I have stated earlier, “right place, right time” (I think I was already going through a shift; an advancement to a deeper understanding of things and of the self). The Juice Cleanse certainly helped in advancing this deepening insight. All of the ‘ear-marks’ were present throughout the cleanse; the mental clarity, the shiny complexion, deep sleep, et al. It was a very positive experience and I’m filled with joy that I had the opportunity to have the experience. I do think that the Juice Feast vs Original Juice Cleanse is a great idea and that I would be interested in doing that some time in the future." John Moyer
  • Hannah, 25

    "When I signed up for the five day juice cleanse I was nervous and worried I would not be able to last a full five days. Now I know I have the will power to do long juice cleanses. I had signed up to give my body a cleanse from the hectic life of being a full time student, yoga instructor, and full time employee at Child and Family Services. I was looking to gain a confidence I had lost in my body because I have a lot of allergies. The juice cleanse gave me that confidence back. I have done juice cleanses before by myself (using my own juicer) but never did my juice come out tasting as refreshing and cleansing as Rosey's. The way these juices are crafted made my body feel full and energized. I noticed I had more movement in my joints and my mood was much happier. I found I had a focus I had not had before in my home-practice with meditation and yoga. I now understand what it means to feed the body and soul. I must admit I had many friends/coworkers who thought the five day juice cleanse was crazy, but the juice cleanse gave me the confidence to state to those people why I was doing it for my health and mind. I find my friends/coworkers now asking me how they can sign up for the juice cleanse. I would say to anyone who feels nervous or worried (as I did) to just try the juice cleanse. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how alive you feel afterwards. Mahalo nui loa to Sweet Cane Cafe and Rosey Silverstein for the amazing up-beat energy you gave me during my cleanse and for the replenishing juices! I can't wait for my next cleanse!" Hannah Lipman, Yoga Instructor, Domestic Violence Shelter Worker, Full Time Student https://www.facebook.com/chai.yoga?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark
  • Justin

    "Thank you so much Rosey and Sweet Cane Cafe for the great raw juice cleanse. I have done many juice cleanses, but this one has been the best. I picked up the fresh juices everyday and drank one every 2 hours. Each one was had a distinct taste and color, like little juice meals. I felt a lot of energy, and was jogging, riding my bike, and doing yoga throughout the cleanse. My skin felt clean and healthy. I would recommend this cleanse to anybody as it is effective, diverse, empowering, and thanks to Ginger John and the Sweet Cane Farm some of the freshest juice on the planet. I love juicing, but don't like the time commitment it requires to grow, prepare, and clean up. This cleanse was a blessing and I encourage anybody health conscious to take advantage of the great opportunity." Good health to all, Aloha, Justin Avery
  • Nicole

    "Hi! My name is Nicole Nagato. I am in my forties and I am teacher. I actually enjoyed this cleanse. It was the first time doing a juice cleanse. I thought I would be extremely tired and hungry. I also thought I would not be able to complete it. When I thought about it, I was actually drinking my vegetables instead of eating it. This definitely helped me to get through the cleanse. During the cleanse I was a little tired and felt a little hungry but I felt fine. After the cleanse I felt great. My complexion became clearer and my digestion became better. I'll be doing this cleanse again." Nicole Nagato